The last 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris witnessed a historical event. All nations have adopted, for the first time, a binding agreement to counter climate change consequences. 

This decision compels all countries to commit more seriously in order to achieve the target goal. The city of Marrakech will be hosting the COP22 in November. It will be the opportunity for all nations to present first evaluation of the measures taken against global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Morocco is really concerned by the consequences of climate change as it is located in an awfully vulnerable area. Hence, Morocco has adopted a directive law in its Environment and Sustainable Development National Chart to reduce its GHG emissions by 32% in the horizon of 2030


On the occasion of the COP22, the National Center for Studies and Research on Water and Energy (CNEREE) of Cadi Ayyad University is organizing an international conference on Water, Energy and Climate Change (WECC-2016). This conference will be held in partnerships with national and international research institutions and development stakeholders. 

The purpose of the WECC-2016 conference is to bring together researchers, engineers, practitioners, industrials and decision making from all over the world to share, debate and disseminate innovative solutions and best practices in the fields of water and waste management, agriculture and food security, forestry, renewable energy and energy efficiency, adaptation and mitigation to meet climate related challenges.


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