Conference topics:

•    Management of water resources under scarcity, anthropogenic disturbances and uncertainty.
•    Water sustainability and climate
•    Role of the New Climate in the Hydrological Cycle
•    Rational and efficient use of water resources in agriculture 
•    Food security and sustainable agriculture
•    Adaptation to climate change in forestry
•    New ICT-based solutions for water efficiency
•    Advances in treatment, recycling and reuse of non-conventional water resources
•    Water desalination using renewable energy
•    Renewable Energies and Climate Change Mitigation
•    Energy efficiency and Climate Change Impact
•    Bioenergy technologies and resource efficiency
•    New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency
•    Transport and Mobility, Energy Sharing
•    Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus
•    Adaptation strategies to meet climate-related challenges
•    NGO contribution to climate change mitigation


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